Our Mission

The goal of AVA Estate Management Division is to alleviate the worries of maintaining, repairing, and updating your Naples home.

Through our custom tailored service solutions, we hope to relieve these burdens and enable you to spend more productive time taking care of what is important in your life. Whether it’s spending time with family or friends, completing a work project or spending downtime at the beach or golf course, our Estate Management Division will make sure that the needs of your home are addressed.

Our Estate Management Services are not only available to our existing building clients, but anyone who may need assistance in mitigating the stress of being a homeowner.

With a range of solutions from a call to call basis, to managing your seasonal preparations, to taking advantage of our full estate concierge service, AVA Estate Management is here for you.


Home Interior Management

    Interior Light Bulb Maintenance

    Check Doors/Windows

    Monitor House Temp

    Monitor Propane Levels

    Schedule Gas Stove/Oven Maintenance

    Monitor House HVAC

    Schedule/Manage HVAC Repairs

    Monitor Plumbing

    Schedule/Manage Plumbing Repairs

    Monitor Electrical Systems

    Schedule/Manage Electrical Repairs

    Monitor TV/Stereo Equipment

    Schedule/Manage TV/Stereo Repairs

    Monitor Water Purifying Systems

    Check Attics/Crawl Spaces

    Monitor Wine Rooms Temp & Humidity

    Stock Wine Rooms

    Check/Change De-Humidifiers

    Change Water Filters (Pads, Etc)

    Prepare Home For Storms

    Check Home for Storm Damage



Home Exterior Management

    Exterior Light Bulb Maintenance

    Window Cleaning

    Organize/Clean Storage Areas/Attics

    Remove Exterior Spider Webs/Insects

    Schedule/Monitor Pest Control Service

    Check Wells/Expansion Tanks

    Schedule Chimney Maintenance


    Set Seasonal Light Timers

    Gutter/Drain Maintenance

    Maintain/Clear Roof Gutters

    Monitor and report general conditions and schedule needed repairs to the following: roofing, siding, paint, trim, doors, windows, chimneys, decks, patios, pergolas, gazebos, fences and docks

    Monitor Landscape Services

    Monitor Irrigation System

    Take/In/Out Outdoor Furniture/Cushions

    Clean Pool/Patio Furniture

    Clean Patios/Decks (Hose, Blow, Sweep, Etc.)

    Clean/Polish Barbecue

    Wash Handrails

    Monitor Driveways

    Monitor Swimming Pool Service

    Monitor Swimming Pool/Spa Temp

    Maintain Tennis Courts

    Maintain/Clear Deck Drains

    Maintain/Clear Trench Drains (Driveways, Tennis Courts, Etc.)

    Schedule Generator Inspections/Repairs

    Hurricane Preparation

    Check Property for Storm Damage


Property Waste Management

    Prepare Garbage for Pickups

    Remove Garbage/Recyclables

    Clean Garbage Bins/Containers



          Seasonal Setup/Storage Pool Furniture

          Seasonal Setup/Storage Outdoor Deck Furniture

          Seasonal Setup/Storage Patio and Pool Umbrellas

          Seasonal Power Wash Patios and Decks

          Seasonal Change of Screens and Storm Windows

          Seasonal Setup/Storage Outdoor Stereo Equipment

          Seasonal Setup/Storage Boats, Kayaks, Waverunners, Etc.



Home Arrival/Departure Preparation

(Can Be Incorporated into the Home Management)

          Prepare Home For Arrival – Cleaning

          Close House on Departure


Transportation Services

          Emergency Transportation

          Airport Pick Up/ Drop Off


Automobile Management

          Appointment Scheduling/Drop Off/Pick Up

          Registration Management

          Seasonal Shipping and Storage

          Running/Driving Cars During Off Season

          Emergency Service Scheduling


          Fuel Fill Ups


Concierge Services

          Check Mail/Newspapers

          Post Office Pickups/Deliveries

          Forward Mail

          Laundry Drop Off/Pick Up

          Food Shopping

          Pet Care

          Plant Watering

          Housekeeping Services


Subcontractor Management

          Schedule/Oversee Outside Work

          Monitor Trades Entering Property


Bill Payment and Cost Tracking Services


If There Is A Service You Require, Please Call Us:

239.261.1922, Or Email: mives@avabuilder.com