Park Shore & The Moorings

As Naples grew during the 1970s and 80s,, our firm expanded through this growth along with our clients moving to new developments, such as Park Shore and The Moorings  We have been involved in custom homes and remodels of homes in these developments as well as many build-outs of the luxury condominiums in Park Shore on the beach. Many of our clients were in search of a firm that could provide the level of attention and detail to their condominium residences, as they would expect with a home in Old Naples and Port Royal, to which we filled the void.

Having worked on these extensive projects, we not only provided our clients with a wonderful experience and exceptional product, we also worked closely with the authorities and building management teams involved, both required to get the desired product properly executed. We have several staff members who work almost exclusively on condominium projects along with a principal of our firm, which oftentimes is someone who was involved in some of the original construction of the towers on the beach. The Moorings neighborhood has also seen a great renaissance in recent years with some of the homes we originally built being replaced with new residences and many being remodeled as well.

Our typical Moorings custom homes are more than $1 million,  and typical Park Shore remodels are in excess of $300,000 with several reaching into the millions.